Friday, October 28, 2005

The Late Late Post

Hey everybody, well, at least Steven M. Not sure too many other people look at this site! It's late and i am actually tired for a change, which is nice. So i think i will be headed to my chambers of slumber with my bride very shortly. but wanted to post SOMETHING for the day. I've been animating the last few days, so no new drawings to show. I've just been animating a test with my monkey character shown below in previous posts. Just a short, very physical test making sure i have everything i want and need in the design to perform. It's been going very smoothly and am pretty happy with the design and how i can push it. Now I just need to think through how i want to take it to color. there's SO many options in this arena! not quite sure what i want yet. but, suppose there's time to figure it out. I have been playing with some ideas of texture... i was up stairs at my neighbors apartment, and he jokingly gave me a napkin from a package entitles "Silky Smooth" that looked like a Rhino's patoot. and i started to think about scanning in that texture and seeing if or how i could wrap that texture around my Rhino drawing. Just an idea, but i think one worth investigating. I'd love to see more experimentation like that in this field.
Oh yeah, that picture is me, my wife, and her (and my) cousins. They got surprised with a trip to Disneyland and we were able to meet with them and their parents (K's Aunt and Uncle) and go to Medievil Times together. it was flippin sweet man! take it easy and have a great weekend!

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