Monday, October 24, 2005

UGhhhh, total frustration

Have you ever longed to get off of a project to spend sometime animating your own stuff. Just you, your paper, your pencil, and imagination gone amuck? Well, i had that opportunaty and i kinda blew it. Tony Bancroft had ever so graciously allowed me to use some of his space and paper at his studio, Toonacious, while i worked on my own stuff. I was animating a Robin Hood test... it started out great, really clear and i thought it was gonna be the best thing i've ever done! then i started getting nit picky, and then way too many weeks rolled by. before i knew it, i was out of steam and had totally forgotten what my original intention was! urghh! this happens evertime. Maybe i'll be able to focus on it now that i'm home and salavage it. If i ever figure out how to put up AVI files on this blog i'm gonna post it. Oh, i'll post some drawings later tonight! cheers!

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thndrcat said...

That happens to you two man?! Thats crazy, I'm an animator and I loose steam all the time. I constantly change my ideas and lose focus, glad to see its not just me that has that problem.