Monday, May 15, 2006


Ahhhhhh, liberation! nearly the last month i have been slaving away, over my animation desk producing animation for my new reel. I had been asked by one studio to do a few more subtle acting shots-- I did about 30 feet of animation in about 3 and a half weeks and i am FRIED. I don't work well under pressure-- which is ironic consider what type of work i do, but i just don't thrive under it. I know lots who do, and love it. My enegery just goes down then tubes. I thrive in non threatening, relaxed environments where i don't feel the pressure. What do i do when i DO have pressure, i pretend i don't and act as relaxed as i can. I am not complaining, just debriefing i suppose.
I animated 3 different shots with the character from my short- i recomment this for ANYONE doing there own film. You learn a lot about what is working and not working with your design. It has, in fact, driven me to make some changes (like adding more hair to give him a more youthful look), or soldifying others like him having almond eyes.
I hope i haven't lost all of my "viewers" over the last couple weeks-- i intend to post some more stuff and even return to some tutorials! I just need a breather for now and then you'll hear more from me! later all!


Hoggan said...

awesome work Matt. You really make me wanna get better at animating. good luck with the job hunt!

Aaron said...


What kind of drawing table / light table / disc set up do you use at home? Or do you do your work elsewhere? Just curious, as I'm in the market to score some serviceable animating equipment. Namely a lightbox and a peg bar.

I could use some advice prior to purchase, if you know what I mean.

Keep up the bomb-diggity work, and good luck w/ the J.O.B's

- Aaron

Piotr said...

your hard work should pay off, you have some of the most gorgeous stuff I've seen. Good luck on the reel and let us know when it's available for viewing, along with any tutorials...

Matt Williames said...

Aaron, i use and oooold Disney desk back from the 60's... i got it for free from a friend. I have 2 disc's. a 12 and 16-- i recommend the 16. it's from Chromacolour.
Thanks hoggan and piotr for your swell comments!

Victor Ens said...

What ?!?! (:-OOO
You have an old Disney Desk ?!
I am envy :-)
You should post a picture of it with you at work.
Great drawing by the way !!


Ali said...

From the 60s eh? Think of all the people who might have used it. Cool!

Richard Oud said...

I've been looking at you're blog for a while but never had the guts to make a comment.
Just want to say that i LOVE you're work man! I hope the job people like you're work, you deserve it!

Matt Williames said...

i KNOW... it's from the 60's which mean Dalmations was probably done on it. I wish all that talent would soak through the desk and into my drawings sometimes! Thanks for stopping in Richard-- and never feel bashful about leaving a comment! I'm a student for life and feel like i'm in the trenches with everyone else!