Wednesday, May 03, 2006

the reason for my absense

hand drawn animation on Vimeo

I thought i'd show you guys whats been consuming me this last week and a half... there's more, as usual, but it hasn't even been roughed out yet.
hey, here's some really cool industry news though! Eric Goldberg is now back at Disney Feature! Also, every tuesday and thursday right now there have been meetings for story artists to pitch short ideas. Hmmm, Ron and Jon, Eric Goldberg, Short films, and John Lasseter. I have a feeling we'll be seeing some hand drawn shorts coming out of Disney real soon-
Also, there's been all of this bad info on the web about the view of John Lasseters changes made at the studio. WRONG-- People are loving the changes, no ones sorry Gnomeo and Juliet is gone, they are NOT redoing the entire 2nd act of Meet the Robinsons only making minor changes, and everyone (as far as the artists are concerned) are VERY up beat right now. As i said a long time ago, a renassaince is on the horizon. I just hope i can be apart of it.
For those of you who have asked for tutorials some more are coming, as i've said waaaaay too many times "i'm bizay!" later!


Aaron said...


Looks sharp man...

Question: What software or practices do you use to take your drawings and put them into quicktime movies? What format are the movies in? Do you scan your images and then piece them together or do you photograph them and actually go the film route?

Ali said...


If animation was rock 'n' roll, I'd want to be in a band ith you.


Matt Williames said...

haha, your funny ali- as long as i'd get to be the drummer, i used to drum for a progressive rock band.
aaron- i use digicel for everything. check out their web page, just do a search on digicel.

rthompson said...

great animation Matt! You really have captured the physicality of how a monkey moves. Great poses, great spacing on the inbetweens. Really sharp stuff!

AkinYaman said...

ohhh thats a matter of art. great animations

Matt Williames said...

thanks rob, great to see some of your new sketches! makes me want to go do some figure drawing!
akinya: thanks for stopping by!

Jeremy said...

Hey Matt, I'm on a mac and couldn't see your animation. It loads but freezes on the first frame.. dunno maybe it's just my computer. Anyways, my comments would probably echo what's already been said. You have excellent technique and I enjoy your acting choices. Congrats man and yep it's definately cool to see things looking more positive for the whole industry.