Sunday, May 25, 2008


Commercial Animation from handdrawn on Vimeo.

  I did this about a year and a half ago... I think. It was done in such a whirlwind of freelance that I am not quite sure-- commercials are an interesting world. It fun in a way because you get to do lotsa styles. On the other hand it's usually a breakneck pace and hard to really finesse your work to a quality of polish you'd like. I think most of us prefer features though!     

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Walt Disney Animation Studios

  It has been a LOOOONG haul. It has been a lot of years, a lot of wondering, waiting, and perseverance but the day has finally come that I can announce that I will finally be starting at Disney Animation as a hand drawn animator. 
  It's a looooong story as well, which perhaps in time I will tell on this blog, but for now, I celebrate! See you at the Producers Show!