Sunday, October 26, 2008

Frog photo shoot

                                     Guess what we were drawing at work the other week? 

               Here we have nature lover and powerful animator extrodinaire, Minkyu Lee, playing                    with a frog named PacMan. The frogs kept jumping out of their enclosures. I was too                    much of a wuss to pick'em up.   

                                           Hey! There's Mark Henn checking out a tree frog!

            Randy Cartwright ladies and gentleman with the frog. Forgot that frog's name though--               and the gentleman in the red i the amazing Sandro Cleuzo. I've learned so much from                   that guy indirectly. Amazing talent! 

                    Mark looked at the tree frog for a very long time-- believe it or not there is 2 hours                       between this photo and the last one :) We also have Adam Dykstra, Jen Hager, Dale                     Baer, and Randy haycock in this photo.