Saturday, January 29, 2011

A blast from the past

The Indescribable Nth from Steve Moore on Vimeo.

A long time ago when I was 14 and lived in Chicago I worked at an animation studio called Character Builders. Mostly just doing bit's and ends type work for films like Space Jam, Anastasia, Quest for Camelot. Sometimes I swept the floors, made coffee, and punched paper. Other times I animated my own tests, and on some occasions I would get a chance to do some actual production work. One of my very first production work experiences was on the short film called "The Indescribable Nth". I was given some rough inbetweens to do on some very short shots. I will never forget that time, I worked in the basement of an old house in downtown Wheaton IL. It was winter and FA- REEZING in that basement, but I didn't care, I was working with honest to goodness REAL animators. I am positive I was more of a nusance than a help to those guys but I am still very thankful to them to this day. Not many people would let a punk 14 year old kid screw up their shots for them :) So check out the link to the film above, it was a fun bit of nostalgia for me.