Sunday, January 20, 2013


Had a chance to do some quick sketching of ballet recently. Man do I love to study ballet, it is as if it was made to be studied by animators. Or, perhaps animators were made to study ballet. Who knows?

I can remember being home sick as a kid and watching/studying ballet on video tape with our jog huttle VCR. I would obviously have a sketchbook in hand but I would also sit there with a china marker marking the screen up. I would either trace a pose and then the next major pose to see how they related or I would frame by frame say the hips to discover the spacing of the ups and downs. Drawing ballet has always been akin to figure drawing for me. I am never satisfied with what I have drawn while in the moment. It takes me being seperarted by a day or two too appreciate any success I may have had. God has truly created a marvel in the human body... it is sublime beauty and unattainable. I look forward to animating ballet some day!