Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ummmmm, here look at this.

hand drawn animation on Vimeo
Not my most brilliant shinning moment but fun none the less! I am a big Wallace Tripp fan, thus a BIG Chris Sanders fan. I really liked Lilo and Stitch and have always felt like it is slightly over looked although i did feel it was appreciated. If there was any film besides Beauty and the Beast or Lion King that i would have liked to have worked on i think it would have been Lilo.
I animated this at Toonacious Family Entertainment (Tony Bancroft's studio). I was glad that they kept everything here in the states since the budget was so LOW. The triumph of the shot was certainly not my animation but the great job Trevor Tamboline did on the clean-up. I typically work tight enough that all you need to do is trace my stuff but the time frame of this job was super short that i didn't have time to tie down a whole lot. Trev did a great job, and i thought the EFX made the shot stand out a bit too.
The other fun bit about this job was working with Alex Kuperschmidt. Toonacious got him to do a few scenes and hit up some drawings for model. I didn't get to communicate too much with him, but i think he's an amazing talent that is, again, quite over-looked! Everyone ought to go to Lilo and Stitch and really study his timing. Very interesting to see how he bends the rules.
OKee doke folks! Till next time!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Ian Worrell

I realized i haven't done much plugging for other people this year in the blogging realm. As some of you know i teach animation at CalArts. This year i was blown away by one film in particular-- "Icarus and the Tree Herder". Ian Worrell is the student that created this little gem of filmmaking. check out his blog and all his amazing artwork!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

model sheets!

A momentus thing has happened in the progression of this short film! MODELSHEETS... it's been a LOOOOONG road to find this guys, but i believe i have after a year and a half of searching. I am not necessarily a designer. i love design, and find it fascinating, but i don't consider myself a natural at it. It has taken a lot of blood and sweat to find these.

The characters are there, the story is coming together, the design is taking form-- this is so much fun! oh yeah, i still have to find a job! well, i hope everyone enjoys these!

by popular demand!

For all of you Disney Geeks out there! In my last post in the comments section someone asked what kind of desk i used, and here it is! I use a Disney desk from the 60's... or so i'm told. I got it for free from a friend. it probably looks much different than it did back in the day. it was in bad shape when i got it, i had to sand it, and refinish it myself. but it's a great desk with a lot of history and lineage to it. I wonder who worked on it before me?
Anyway, that's just for all you Disney geeks and freaks out there--