Wednesday, May 24, 2006

ummmmm, here look at this.

hand drawn animation on Vimeo
Not my most brilliant shinning moment but fun none the less! I am a big Wallace Tripp fan, thus a BIG Chris Sanders fan. I really liked Lilo and Stitch and have always felt like it is slightly over looked although i did feel it was appreciated. If there was any film besides Beauty and the Beast or Lion King that i would have liked to have worked on i think it would have been Lilo.
I animated this at Toonacious Family Entertainment (Tony Bancroft's studio). I was glad that they kept everything here in the states since the budget was so LOW. The triumph of the shot was certainly not my animation but the great job Trevor Tamboline did on the clean-up. I typically work tight enough that all you need to do is trace my stuff but the time frame of this job was super short that i didn't have time to tie down a whole lot. Trev did a great job, and i thought the EFX made the shot stand out a bit too.
The other fun bit about this job was working with Alex Kuperschmidt. Toonacious got him to do a few scenes and hit up some drawings for model. I didn't get to communicate too much with him, but i think he's an amazing talent that is, again, quite over-looked! Everyone ought to go to Lilo and Stitch and really study his timing. Very interesting to see how he bends the rules.
OKee doke folks! Till next time!


samacleod said...

I like this one too! Stitch has a great design. I love Chris Sanders' drawings.

samacleod said...

Hey, Matt, notice how I was first this time?

AND second! :)

David said...


You're mentioning some of my favorite animation talent !

Tony Bancroft : I worked with him on Lion King, cleaning up his Pumbaa animation and then he was my director on Mulan, when I was working with his Tom Bancroft on Mushu. Tom and Tony are two of my favorite people. I love 'em both .

Trevor Tamboline : wow , this guy is a great assistant animator ! (as you know) I only got to work with him on one movie ... for about the last six months of Pocahontas he was on my Meeko clean-up unit (I was the Lead Key Assistant on Meeko)

Alex Kuperschmidt : one of the most talented animators in the business. He did incredible work on Stitch, but also on Khan (the horse from Mulan) and Koda, the little bear cub in Brother Bear.
Alex was doing some great stuff on Barry Cook's "My Peoples" the last feature at Disney Orlando before it was shut down by the Reign of Error.

Chris Sanders , of course , such a huge talent.
I love his drawings, design sense . I am in awe of the appeal he is able to get into his drawings.

(Ok, have I fulfilled my quota of name dropping ? )

But seriously , all the artists you mentioned are great talents and I've been privileged to "bask in their glory" just a bit. I love the fact that you're blogging about them and especially appreciate that you're mentioning fine key assistant animators like Trevor who rarely get any of the spotlight.

Bobby Pontillas said...

Anyone know what Alex Kupershmidt is up to now a days? Or Byron Howard, another animator/character designer on Lilo?

David said...

Byron is at Disney on "American Dog" .
(Byron is another great animator who was at the Orlando studio) .

Alex is also at Disney , but I'm not sure which project he's working on right now.

I hope to see both these guys, Byron , and Alex , return to hand-drawn animation in the future. I'm sure they're both fantastic at doing CG animation , but it seems a shame for animators of their caliber not to be wielding a pencil , IMO.

Bobby Pontillas said...


The few screens I've seen on the innerweb from American Dog look damn cute.

Phil ROD said...

Hi I really enjoy your animation clips. I was wondering if u can answer some questions for me.

1. When staring a character animation, what is the best way to start going through the first pass? Do u animated the character stickily using simple shape, or do jump into drawing the character as a whole such as eyes, face expressions, hair, clothes etc .

2. How do give your accents that extra punch.

Chris Graf said...

gorgeous stuff! pencil tests get me goin.

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