Thursday, August 24, 2006


bear animation on Vimeo

Have been pretty busy between working freelance and trying to get this shot tied down-- i knew it'd be a while until i would get it complete which is the way i wanted to present it, but i thought i owed it to everyone to show where it's at as of right now.
As far as critique, the one change i am going to make is a little bit of lip sync stuff arounf the "get outta here". Fast dialgoue can be tricky- and where i put the blink on the word "simple", i feel takes away from his expression and the sorta of "eureka" feeling i wanted, like, he's think "well isn't it obvious". I feel like taking the blink out, and closing the eyes before the accent on the I of "simple" and the overshooting them will give me a more truthful performance. so anyway, check it out and stay tuned!


Bobby Pontillas said...

lookin great Matt.

Bianca Siercke said...

Matt this looks truely wonderful. I love the weight you give your characters.

It's amazing how you keep the character alive in the beginning of the scene with all your subtle acting. ^^

Can't wait to see it finished ^^, thank you for sharing.

Julián Höek said...

awesome matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!
looking great so far. i wanna be like you some day!!
i'm very sleepy now and i'll write another coment tomorrow with more words like incredible, amazing, marvelous and all thta about this pencil test.
see ya!!!

Jamaal Bradley said...

killing it! (east coast lingo).keeping those volumes on point! keep grinding......

craig said...

wow..great scene

Kristian said...

it looks so masterful. absolutely marvellous performance already..thankyou for sharing with us all

AkinYaman said...

a nice acting and full of weight thats realy perfect matt

Miyuki Kanno Long said...

Wow, great test! I like how you put all the process you were making, it helped me very much. Thank you ;) Cannot wait to see the complete animation. Very inspiring! Hope you teach at Cal Stat Fullerton someday...!

Dan said...

Awwww yeah, that is lookin' sweet so far Matt. Great subtle stuff in the beginning and i agree with you on your crit of where the blink should be. Awesome, i'm so freakin'excited to see it finished man.


Young Vo said...

Good Stuff, the drawings are solid man. Looking forward to the more amazing stuff.

R.Dress said...

so cool.

Matt Williames said...

Bobby, Vic: Thanks guys! hopefully it'll turn out ok!
Bianca: Thanks a lot! Weight's important to me, my favorite animators understand it. As far as the acting in the beginning keeping him alive was the goal but hopefully i didn't overdue it. I guess we'll see once i get the other character in there!
Julian: You gotta find some better animators man! but thanks for your flattering words!
jamaal: thanks man- wouldn't you have possibly said "wicked" too? isn't that an east coast thing?
Craig, Kristian, and Akinya: thanks guys! andit'smy pleasure to share with everyone!
Miyuki: thanks a lot! Hey i do lectures so have your dept. call me, i'd love to come down!
Crylic: thanks man! yeah, that blink just takes away from accent- what was i thinking!!
Young blood: thanks dude!
Drawn, r. dress: thanks guys!

Dan Elder said...

its sick... simply sick.. the feeling that has been obtained by the carful attnetion to thing like the neck fat coupled with the posing... ohh that little slice of animation is like a eyegasim

andy said...

Wowee, it's looking incredible Matt! So many great things to admire and learn from, and what's more, we've been able to see exactly how you got there. It's been an inspiring ride so far, can't wait to see you bring it on home!

newyorkette said...

I think it's beautiful, but since no one has said anything about the blink, I've been looking at it again and again, and I think the blink should have been just before the "simple", or just after. When people concentrate and come to a conclusion their gaze is usually fixed and focused. I wouldn't blink at that moment.

Only because you mentioned it. It's very very pretty, and I loved watching it so many times!


Thats fun man.

Matt Williames said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Matt Williames said...

Shane: wuddup foo!
Mr Normal-- hmmm, interesting thoughts. I probably should mention that this is only half the shot, so it's not all in context as of yet which might change things. I wanted some resignition of that it is "inevitable" and i am glad that it came across-- I needed that beat for the second half to work, it sorta ends his thought on that topic and then he goes into a joke. Maybe it won;t work though- i guess we'll see. thanks though for your comments man!

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