Sunday, May 06, 2007

I'm lazy

Uploaded by dreaminater

note: unfortunately the player converted this to 30fps, so it's not playing correctly. Youtube looses sync, metacafe deletes my files, vimeo turns the image pink... :( I'm working on getting this fixed!

I wasn't gonna post this till' it was done, but what the heck! Unfortunately it seems that the audio got knocked out of sync somewhere in the uploading process. I've been doing this at nights/weekends/lunch breaks... it's tough not animating for more than an hour. Either you wanna keep going, or it's really hard to turn your brain on all of the sudden on something different. I'm proud of it so far, but there are about 20 billion fixes I have in mind for it! I left the widescreen as see through so I could play with the eventual composition (there'll be a BG eventually). Hope you likey!


messytimbo said...

what can i say. i love it, your a real inspiration.

my only question is how long did it take to do?

Piotr said...

beautiful work matt! its so fun to hear john candy, he works so well with this character, wonderful job!!

David said...


I think will Blogger allow you to embed Quicktime movies directly , so you don't have to use Vimeo or YouTube .

If you have a little webspace for storage (like a .Mac account or one on or something like that ) you can upload your Quicktime movie and then link it with an embed code.

Or use . Revver lets you have the option to post your video files as Quicktimes, then you can link to those on your blog. No nasty Flash files throwing the sync off. Use iMovie or FinalCut to output the Quicktime or DigiCel should export to a Quicktime .mov file, right ?

I'd say give a try first.

samacleod said...

Really awesome Matt! Love it. Can't wait to see the rest!

AkinYaman said...

matt you are my best neo breed animator, you are always great and please keep goin like that.

maarten said...

amazing :)

R.R. said...

Great. Can't wait to see the rest. Thanks for the eye post previously.

Anonymous said...

Waiting long for update but. I love this one. Great job.

Andrew Coats said...

awesome man! You hit some great moments when he is first considering the lie he just told, and then almost convincing himself (as well and the person he is talking to). I also really like the anticipation into his first line as well. Can't wait to see the rest finished up!

Matt Williames said...

Timbo: Thanks very much! To be honest, I have no clue how it has taken hours-wise. As I said, I've been doing this on my off hours. Sometimes 1 hour a week, sometimes 40 hours a week. I started it back in the fall... So that tells you how often I've gotten to really work on it.
Piotr: Thanks man! John Candy IS perfect for this character, I think at least.
Dave: I tried the, and it didn't work. I don't have a mac so some of the other suggestions probably wouldn't work for me plus digicel (my PC version) doesn't output quicktimes. bummer, i know. Thank you for your detailed help though! Hopefully I can get it figured out so everyone can really see it for real!
Steeeev: Thanks bud :)!
Akinya: Thanks very much! but what's a neobreed? :)
marten, stewart, damien: Thanks guys! And your very welcome for the eye tutorial stewart!
Andrew: reading your comment made me very happy that all of those thoughts read clearly. Was very much concentrating on subtext for this shot! Thanks for your kind words!
Tim: Thanks so much, your way kinder than I deserve! The monkey film probably won't be happening for a while, I could never quite get the concept plotted out the way I wanted. Maybe in the future! I'll write you soon to talk about everything!

Michael Herrera said...

Hello there Matt.
My name is Michael Herrera- currently an animation student at Laguna College of Art and Design. I want to thank you for all of the great effort and content that you put into your blog. I really have enjoyed following your work. It has been a great source of inspiration and information while I work on my own animations.
I have to say that your acting is what I love most about your work. This new post of yours is just such a performance. The subtle facial manipulations, and the eyes of course just have such an impact. I'm an actor when I'm not drawing, so this kind of stuff really excites me. Great stuff. I'm on the waiting list to get into Cal Arts, so maybe I'll see you around. Are you still teaching at Cal Arts?
Thanks again, and take care.

Crazyjap said...

Fantastic job =) I was hoping, that perhaps if there were a way for me to download it? I would love to study and watch it frame by frame. Next semester we're starting dialogs and lip syncs, and I'm trying to collect as much reference and help as I can get.

If not, it's understandable. Thanks for sharing though =)

Chan Ghee Leow said...

This is beautiful, Matt. Hope to see the completed version soon.

Andre Barnwell said...

dear matt. i like everyone love your stuff. I am an animation student and i know youve plugged my good friend robin hall a while back. Shes told me wonderful advice youve given her. I am lookin forward to completing ym 4th year film. I love animation and would like to get into more especially since thats what I want to do (so does everyone else but its what i would like to do). Not that Ive been discouraged from it (2D) but what are some excercises for someone who has to dedicate his summers to retail/office hours all through the week and only finds time to draw design draw and design but never any real time to apply the principles which make animation what it is. You are a great inspiration but your lipsyncs you state just takes time (and it shows.

I am currently blessed to be at red rover studios however the guys there have given me a lot to think about with regards to my future with my present talent and ability. (nothin negative just facts and options like "2D vs 3D animation"

p.s. I would love to talk to you (via email) if youre not too busy (im sure you are which is why I wouldnt waste your time)
-Andre Barnwell

Philip Rodrigues said...


Jocelyn Cofer said...

Wow! I'm always astounded by how alive your characters are. By all means keep up the stellar work, you're an inspiration to us all!

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Hey Matt, I just watched your shot again and I have a question. Why does the bear look over to the right? It sounds like he's trying to convince this guy that his car is safe. I don't get why he's looking to the right like something's over there.

Is his car actually unsafe and he's lying about it? If so, shouldn't he be avoiding eye contact or something? Even then I don't know why he'd look so far over to the right. It seems like he's listening to the guy, sees something, and then is like "o_O Hey, whats that???????" and then returns his attention to the speaker.

I don't think his motivation for looking to the right is clear...

Matt Williames said...

Jocelyn: patience my child, patience :) It's missing the layout, that's why he looks to the right. It'll be clear once the layout is there... plus, his eyes do dart away at least once. but like i said, it be clearer with the layout in there. Thanks for stopping by!
Michael: Hi! I am working getting a better version of this file online-- one that actually doesn't get reconverted to 30 fps. So, once I do that I'll put it on Vimeo and you can download it from there.
CG: Thanks man!
Andre: Absolutely man, write any time!

Jocelyn Cofer said...

Lol, sounds good. I cant wait to see the final version! =D

Kristian said...

man oh man this is so great!. i love the quick look back he does.. trully great work

Joel said...

Man that was AWESOME!! Seriously, your work is such an inspiration to me. Thanks for all the effort you put into this blog!

Pat the Pirate said...


I just found your blog, & I'm certainly glad I did! Great stuff, I've already learned a lot reading just a few posts. I'll definitely be checking back often.

Oh btw, I use for vids, they allow the biggest file sizes I've found & you can embed players on your blogger page.


libra bear said...

This is incredible man, I can't get over how good you are. I've sooo much to learn.

Matt Williames said...

Jocelyn: Thanks, me too!
Kristian, Leo: Thanks so much guys! I just can't wait until I find a way to get the frame not to not convert to 30 when I upload it so everyone can see it the way it's suppost to be seen! BTW, I am trying that put file site, we'll see if I can get it to work! :)
Libra: Thanks so much! You and I both, well, everyone has a long way to go as far as I concerned. Frank Thomas was right as far as I am concerned, animation is the impossible dream.

PeterRabbit said...

Can't WAIT to see the layout!

Robin said...

It's so fluid! I know you said you had fixes to do, but it looks great so far!

Matt Williames said...

Pete: Thanks man, me too! I am planning on having this finished by next Friday (for my reel), then I'll post the final version.
Robin: Thanks for the compliment! Yeah, there's a lot of changes but they are semi-minor things (wrinkles, overlap), but they bug the crap out of me!!

Unknown said...

Nice! Viva la traditional :)

Matt Williames said...

Munchanka: Hmmm, how does one pronounce your name? Moon- chan-ka? Mun-chanka? Austin, perhaps? I'll go with Austin for now :)Thanks man, I promise it'll look better when it is playing at the right speed. dang internet--

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