Saturday, March 22, 2008


Last year when I was working on "Coraline" in Portland I took one Saturday to make a little day trip. It was fairly lonely for me up there (6 weeks is such a short time to make friends), so this seemed like a good way to spend my day. Anyone in their 20's probably at least remembers the movie "The Goonies", if not fondly remembers it. I am one of those who's kinda a nerd for the film. So, I plotted a course to go an visit Astoria, Oregon. The drive there alone was a amazing enough. I didn't have any directions to get to the landmarks in the town, so I just bummed around and looked for the most likely spots where they would have filmed. The first thing I found was the museum where the "dad" worked.

Ok, here's the real thing!

I didn't have to look too far for the next movie location! Right across the street was the jail! Completely old, blue for some reason, and obviously hadn't been in use for a long time. I wonder why they keep it? For nerds like me?

  OK, so then all I really cared about was finding the "goonies"house, and "data's" house. This part took forever, and ummmm, the houses were in less than safe looking areas. I basically was going through trial and error in finding the house. I started looking for a neighborhood that felt right. But once I found that, the streets were so stinking twisty that it was near impossible to remember my way out let alone find 1 famous house. I was about to give up, the sun was setting and I couldn't find these house for the life of me until I see a sign that says "all Goonies vistors are welcome... Please park at bottom of hill". Low and behold the house had been right above me on a private road, ahh, success!!
  So remember this incredible view in the film?
  My lighting is not anywhere near as cool, but the view was so iconic it was hard to miss!

  So, I wasn't expecting to find a house that looked even remotely like the one from the film.

Holy crap! It's practically unchanged!

And what about "data's" house?

Besides a mild paint job (or years of the sun bleaching that electric blue away), practically also untouched!! So cool!

So anyway, no art this time. Just movie nerd stuff-- hope ya'll enjoy!


Jennifer Darlington said...

How very cool!!!!!

I love the Goonies, I just got my kids watching it (ages 7, 7, and 6) They love it too.

Thanks for sharing the cool pics

Michael Herrera said...

I loved, still love, and will always love that movie. These pictures are great! What a splendid idea for an adventure. You are a real Goonies nerd, and you should be proud of it!
Thanks for sharing!

maarten said...

not in my twenties..... :) but still fun to read.

Andy Erekson said...

I recently moved to Oregon and I'm working at LAIKA, I too made the trip to Astoria. If you ever decide to pay another visit, I found that the chamber of commerce in Astoria has a map of any and all locations of every movie that has been filmed there. Perhaps next time, you could also visit the Short Circuit house or the Kindergarten Cop school. The chamber of commerce also sells Goonie doubloons, but they were sold out when I went.

Ryan Hagen said...

I'm not in my 20's either, but umm, I remember this film and remember loving it as well. Must've felt extremely weird being there. All this post needs is some shots of the tunnels they slid down in and the beach where the ship set sail.:)

Anonymous said...

Just watching it again after reading your post ;) Nice geeky adventure!

julie said...

so i dont know you, but i share a love for the goonies. my friend sent me the link to your blog, and it was complete magic.

i dont have a problem admitting that i am also a goonies nerd, and your post brought warmth to my heart. well done.

Hrishikesh said...

i love the Animation and the description for the shot thank you

Cameron Fielding said...

who ISN'T a Goonies nerd? its childhood shrink wrapped in a DVD box ( or VHS if you're really proper! )

great post Matt.

kaunchen said...

It's great!! I love goonies:)

Chris Bivins said...

Lol. Thats really funny. I can barely remember that movie.


Pinflux said...

Hey Matt, I just found your blog and am definately excited about adding it to my blog roll - I'm a n00b classical animator and would love to read more of your thoughts on the how to's of the art form.


jriggity said...

HA! Powerfull!!

I am amazed at how much this film affected the youth of the 80's....

I too was and still am a HUGE goonies fan! You know ...this coming weekend Im going on one of my local Goonies adventures with a bunch of doods from work.I made invitations with all of us hanging from the Cave spike just like the cool poster from the old film.Ha!

They are releaseing toys soon as keep an eye out.

Awesome pics!


Artalexis said...

hello Nomad very good pictures.....
tenes el mismo fondo que yo en el blog....Te dejo la direccion del mio para que pases saludos....

queenmob said...

Brilliant!!! After Lovecrafts Grave this the thing I want to see if I come to the US!

Unknown said...

haha! awesome!
Chunk: I just saw the most amazing thing in my entire life!
Mouth: First you gotta do the truffle shuffle.

Anonymous said...

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Catherine Satrun said...

That's so COOL!!!

Olivier Ladeuix said...

excellent, I bought the DVD for my nieces last christmas and I was watching it online on Google video few month ago ;-) Love it!

Osgood McSonogram said...

Congrats on the find, guy! You made it further than Chester Copperpot EVER did!

Mick said...

Brilliant. i wanted to live there when i was younger, especilially when the plan to foil the golf course was achieved with a bag full of the rich stuff

Marko said...

Oh man Matt!!! What an excellent post! I love the Goonies, was always one of my favourite movies growing up, and I watched it just last week, too!

:D envious, thanks for taking the time and trial and error to find these places!

Robin said...

Sorry, Matt, that post above's (Marko's) mine... that's what I get for forgetting to check if I'm logged in on my account, I just got too excited :)

drono said...

i almost bought that house several years ago. it went for sale on ebay and only sold for $135,000.
great posts!

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