Sunday, October 02, 2011


I've been lovin' me some Wolverine! Not much, just a reason to post something on the blog. When all you do is work on things you can't show it can be tough to keep a blog alive. Been having fun with this though, no great ambitions with it. Just having fun, trying to get better at drawing. These drawings are only a few days old, so if the disappear suddenly it's because they turned to crap overnight. Which tends to happen ;) I hope all 3 of you enjoy!


Chris Cormier said...

These look great! Don't take them down! :)

Ivan Oviedo said...

Hi Matt,

Very good this wolverine. I was already missing these inspirational designs!

Congrats dude.

Matt Doering said...

The shapes in his design are spectacular. Very energetic!

Rodney Baker said...

4! :)

Love the thin/thick inklines!

Matt Williames said...

Thanks you guys!

chibiaion said...

Cool! Gotta love some inspiration in here. :D
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Chris Bivins said...

cool. always good to see some new stuff sir. amazing as always.


Vincent Gorman said...

nice diversity in your lines. very cool

Philippe Gaulier said...

Very nice line work!

Anonymous said...

I really like your work. Nice shapes and lines. Very clean sketches.

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Chris Palmer said...

I am especially loving that last one!

Mižimakov said...

Neat! I love your rendering and everything looks so dynamic! :D I'm so adding you to the watch list! :)

Unknown said...

good job , i like your character design so cool Bravo

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