Monday, January 09, 2006

Last of the color models!

Hi Folks! Had one heck of a weekend! Saw some really beautiful country, shot some guns, and walked through some incredibly cheap houses! I thought i'd share the last colour model with you guys. I haven't added any texture to this yet, i haven't been able to find one i like yet. So, now all the color models are done, at least until i change the script, which WILL happen. speaking of the script i need to finish it! so enjoy this pic for the day, by the way anyone can comment on the color. As i've said i'm not an accomplished painter by ANY means so please any helpful hints would help. cheers!


Gulzar said...

I turly loved the basic shapes that has been used here...truly wonderful. I must say, that your works here, are truly inspiring n informative...keep those wonderful posts coming in sir. Love it...

Matt Williames said...

Thank you very much! it's awfully flattering of you to say so. Thank you for coming to the blog!

Bob Renzas said...

Surley and cool!
Regarding the color; I like the use of lighter lines for his body. It's something I repeatedly forget as an option.
Long live 2D!

Matt Williames said...

Animal! your from Chicago man, i grew up there. I worked at Calabash all the way through high school. I'm sure you've heard of'em.

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