Friday, March 31, 2006

New Pencil Test

A few people have been bugging me to put up more pencil tests. I've wanted to put up some Curious George stuff, but i figured i'd wait till' it had it's run in the theaters. Just to play it safe. This was a fun shot to do... in retro spect, i would have done some stuff differently but this was done in the crunch of the film and i didn't have a lot of "searching time". I only had a week to do it and it's mostly on 1's as you can see. I think it turned out ok, but as we learn and grow our work just seems to get dated huh? at least mine feels that way to me. Whenever I can, I love to move the character in and out of the foreground. We as hand drawn animators already have the challenge of making people forget about the fact that they are watching drawings so this depth can help with it. CG has had a positive affect i think in this way that they have forced us not to cheat. CG can obviously do all the technical stuff automatically, but in handdrawn it takes real skill to do these things. I think CG has forced us to not fudge anything to keep up... personally i think it has been a good thing.
On another note i got my copy of King Kong! I'm one of those types who watches DVD's, or rather listens to them as he works. I get a little obsessive about new films. Especially ones from directors and studio i highly respect. The same has been true of watching King Kong. I know the reaction was kinda mixed, but i loved it and still do now. That T-Rex fight is pretty freaking amazing man-- geez, talk about clear staging and knowing where you are from cut to cut. Those guys know what they're doing that's for sure. but for anyone who knows me knows i am a sucker for the tender parts even more so... i can't get any work done when those parts come on man. I just have to abandon myself to it, get sucked into it, and start to feel something. Maybe someday i'll get that chance to animate something really tender, as well as some kick boot-tay action sequence!
This kinda brings me to another thought that i've shared repeatedly. I wanna see hand drawn animation do something like this again. I think Iron Giant had a lot of what i'm talking about... heartfelt moments (the climax of the film), cool action stuff (when the Giant goes bazurk!) and fun humor (playing in the lake). Oh PLEASE Brad, come here and make Ray Gunn. You gotta man!!
Anyhow, enjoy the pencil test and have a great weekend everyone!


Matt Williames said...

A little disclaimer everybody! I think when i compressed the file i lost some frames in the process, so if it looks jerky or like some frames are holding for too long that's why. SORRY!

bill(y) said...

you nailed it in regards to the t-rex sequence in kong!

lovely animation of george. my little boy made me play it like 20 times.

Gabriele Pennacchioli said...

Great animation!

Joe said...


really nice test...this is a bit of a staging issue but the hat sorta blocks george as he's in mid air on the cars...(such an afterthought obviously, but)
woulda been nice to have the hat trail to either side of him so we don't lose's a scene that really doesn't necessitate a whole lotta searching so i think it's very succussful and very serviceable...don't worry, there will be more 2d films like the words of the immortal Quick bunny
"patience is a virtue" know what i mean...


Matt Williames said...

thanks for the thoughts Joe... what i was 'trying' to do with the staging was have your eye start on the hat, and then as George crosses paths with it you switch to george. In the film george jumps into the light too, so i think that helped the idea, but i had wondered if i hadn't executed the idea properly or not. oh well, learn from this one and keep going i guess! later Joe!

Matt Williames said...

oops, forgot to respond to you Serena. Yeah, i do spend a lot of time on the "tie-down" of my scenes. It takes generally about 4 times as long i've figured as doing your first pass animation does. i really feel like it's important to nail down your character as on model and clearly as you can. You DO NOT want to leave guessing room to a clean-up artist unless you have a really good working relationship with them.
anyway, thanks for visiting and dropping a line!

willipino said...

really nice animation! can't wait for you to post more.

rngnt99 said...

Saw the movie man loved it all!!!!!

Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

Your work just blew my mind I can't think right now it's all AMAZING, INSPIRING, DEEP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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