Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sorry everybody! the last 2 days i've tried to upload the same clip and everytime it would upload as just a black screen. Uggggh, plus i have a dial-up and it takes FOR EV ER!
So today i thought i'd show a little shot i did for an unnamed project i worked on. This was probably my most favorite shot... it was fun to get in there and really play with the timing, making it slightly stylized. I was doing this animation for refrence so i didn't have to tie it down, this is sorta rough for me though (as far as a finished product is concerned though).
enjoy everybody!


Matt Williames said...

sorry everybody, i know the BG is too dark, i'll try to render a new file where the BG is not as dark!

Ali said...

I love it. Great follow-through on the tail. It's a cat, right?

Goldenrod Fox said...

I LOVE to see rough animation, and even rough pencil sketches. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog, your pencil tests are quite an inspiration!

Duker said...

man I can't resist anymore ,I have to tell now .You KICK ASS!!!.You are my number one source of inspiration since I've discover your blog .Your are truly an amazing animator ,and as fellow animator ,I have to admit ,I am really jealous;))Post as much as you can , you sure got me as an audience for it .The only thing who really suck is that "You tube"movie player .I hate that thing !!!
No frame by frame ,can't control anything with it .
But still better than nothing
Good job dude

Matt Williames said...

Ali- Nope it's suppost to at least be the proportions of a Capuchin Monkey. Like i said the studio i did this for was only use it for reference for their flash stuff, so it being "on model" wasn't crutial. Just his proportions.
fox and duker- thanks a ton for dropping by! you flatter me duker, i wish other studios though what YOU did!
thanks again everybody!

bill(y) said...

what is the final output of your movie?

i'm asking because i might be able to help you out with posting a streaming quicktime that people can scrub through.

as with're blog inspires me.

i "fancy" myself an animator. i do animation contract work from time to time, but i'm always in awe of true animators like yourself. i use your site all the time for reference. in fact, your tutorial on doing a walk cycle has been hands down the best one i've ever read.

anyway, let me know if there is anything i can do to help you not have to go through YouTube.

Q/Minkyu said...

Hi Matt!
wow that's really smooth and fluid! (as all your stuff are)
Thank you so much for the lecture on Tuesday! Your lectures are so informative.I think I learned way more about animating techniques this semester compared to last. Last semester was really inspiring in a different way, but skill wise your class is like..animation skill steroids.
I was actually going to go on Thursday too, but since I stayed up all night I totally slept until like..9.
anyway see ya later!

Kristian said...

super duper fr-fr-fresh yo!
i love your anmation, it's so beautiful to look at

Anonymous said...

That's *rough*??? Oh my gosh..O__O

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