Monday, April 24, 2006

Welp, one down , one to go!

hand drawn animation on Vimeo

This one is DONE! Hopefully the player will play this one correctly at 24fps unlike the last one. hope you all enjoy!

Friday, April 21, 2006

And the rug is pulled out....

There are times as artists that are up and down... peaks and valleys i suppose. there are times when you really feel like your getting it, things are clicking, your animation flows from your very soul and then there are times when you have to struggle to eek out a half way decent drawing that has SOME conviction behind it.
I have been asked to do some more, refined subtle acting for my reel by one studio, and in the process of doing them i have has peaks and valleys. I think more recently i've been in a valley. I have just been knocked out by how good some people really are out there. I mean, just literally knocked off my chair good. and i'm not just talking about people we all know, i'm talking about guys who don't get much coverage like Rudolph Guenoden (sp?)! his animation of Chel in "The Road to El Dorado" is brilliant. The acting is fresh, draughtsmenship is superb, timing just right-- and what about Rune Bennicke, his animation is Brother Bear (the mother bear and Tug) is the best stuff in the film as far as i'm concerned.
It's not as if i didn't know these guys were good, but i think i'd forgotten that they're REALLY good. Like, i would be embarrased to be shooting my animation next to them good. This, in my estimation is a GOOD thing for any artist to experience from time to time. It keeps you honest, hungry, and most importantly humble. Humility is a major factor in growth-- don't ever believe too deeply in the compliments people might pay you. Everyone knows i"m a Christian and as such I cannot even dare to begin to believe that i gifted myself. God blessed me with a gift to be used to His Glory ultimately. Encouragment is always nice and needed, but what i am saying is it is a healthy thing to get your can kicked around from time to time.
Sorry for the lack of posting as of late, i have been pretty busy and or out of town a lot lately. Enjoy this test, it's almost all finished!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Sorry everybody! the last 2 days i've tried to upload the same clip and everytime it would upload as just a black screen. Uggggh, plus i have a dial-up and it takes FOR EV ER!
So today i thought i'd show a little shot i did for an unnamed project i worked on. This was probably my most favorite shot... it was fun to get in there and really play with the timing, making it slightly stylized. I was doing this animation for refrence so i didn't have to tie it down, this is sorta rough for me though (as far as a finished product is concerned though).
enjoy everybody!