Monday, March 27, 2006

emotion dictates design

I few people have asked me about the last pencil test i posted... they've asked a similar question. "Why do you have the eyes change shape so drastically?" well, for starters in order to see any change of emotion or attitude, change is required. I think it was Milt who said animation is all about change followed by some expletives. but also cuz it fits the style-- emotion dictates the design with this particular style i am going for. I learned this from Frank Molieri! The greatest animator you've never heard of before. I met Frank back on Looney Tunes: Back in Action. Frank, i believe is one of the most gifted draftsmen i've ever met. and nobody knows who he is because he's never worked at Disney or Dreamworks... but i assure you he can draw better than most those guys, not to mention he's been like an "animation older brother" to me. when everyone was freaking out about the so called "death" of hand drawn animation, who was staying cool and calm and helping me out as much as he could, Frank! That guy has done more for me than many artists. This is turning into a tribute instead of what i intended-- anyway, frank is awesome and worthy of respect. So like i said, Frank really taught me about how to play with shapes. I've put in some example here that Frank did of bugs (i can't think of anyone who draws him better). Look at the graphic quality to his drawings... he does things that aren't necessarily "natural" or "real", but he makes you believe it.
Look at what he did to the over all shape of the head... it's just a simple shape dictated by the emotion. Also note the cool Fleischer arm!

Notice how the eyes are skewed here... and the shape of the eye lids. so freaking beautiful. oh yeah, and clear hand shapes...
Yep Franks amazing-- oh i forgot, look at the mouth of the drawing on the top, he's totally breaking the rules. I love it man! Hopefully i should be able to finish up the last pencil test (there's still another half of it to go) and i'll post it for you all!


Jenny said...

Good grief! These are beautiful...thanks for putting them up & writing about them. : )
I found your blog through Kennedy's; hope you don't mind if I add your link to my page? It's great stuff!

Victor Ens said...

This's....WWWOOOOWW !!!
This is really GREAT.
Unfortunately you are right. Never heard of Frank.
He is a real Master obviously.
I really hope to reach that level one day, that those old Masters have.

Matt Williames said...

no kidding these are beautiful-- and nobody knows him because he doesn't toot his own horn. sure, you can add me, i'd be honored!! love your blog too!

A. Riabovitchev said...

You are a great animator!Your blog is very nice .

Matt Williames said...

thank you very much! but remember that these drawings on this particular post are not mine, they are my friends... Frank Molieri

A. Riabovitchev said...

I understand.Your friend is great too! What do you do now?

Matt Williames said...

well, right now i am unemployeed... but waiting to hear back on some jobs that i applied for. We'll see i guess. and you?

Q/Minkyu said...

hey Matt! I just wanted to say that the lecture you gave last class was super informative. It really gave me alot of insight for charting/spacing that I never had! I found it really fascinating and I got really interested in it and after your lecture I got really pumped up and started asking alot of upper classmen about it, and I also did that whole stop-framing thing with alot of the dvds i have. I really learned so much from you! you're crazy!can't wait to learn more.

Matt Williames said...

Minkyu, dude, your crazy man! None of this knowledge is coming from me, i'm just parroting what i've been taught. We can all learn the tricks but using them like an artist is where the real talent comes in. I'm a student too, i always hope i will remain so!

A. Riabovitchev said...

I have finished work on "Prince Vladimir"(first film). And now I work for the Finnish company.

Tony said...

These drawings are so fantastic, they look like those from the old WB movies which were directed by CJ.
Man you are glad sitting next to such a brilliant mentor.

Kind regards,

kevin said...

Hi Matt - just went back and looked at your site. Really great stuff! I had it bookmarked and never really had the time to look at it. Really nice stuff of Frank's you posted too from Back In Action. I've known him since Bluth days when we worked together both there and at Warner's Classics. Truly a great Bugs' artist. I've also known Jeff Siergey since our days in Chicago where I started way back. Keep up the great work.

Anonymous said...

I suck coz I only appear to be able to think of one joke and one joke alone...

Why did the plane crash into the house????


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