Wednesday, May 17, 2006

by popular demand!

For all of you Disney Geeks out there! In my last post in the comments section someone asked what kind of desk i used, and here it is! I use a Disney desk from the 60's... or so i'm told. I got it for free from a friend. it probably looks much different than it did back in the day. it was in bad shape when i got it, i had to sand it, and refinish it myself. but it's a great desk with a lot of history and lineage to it. I wonder who worked on it before me?
Anyway, that's just for all you Disney geeks and freaks out there--


Victor Ens said...

Hey Matt, this is awesome !!
I wish I had a friend like that one ;-)
To have a great piece of animation history like this in front of you every day, must be really inspiring.
Thank you very much for posting this!!


Matt Williames said...

yeah man, my pleasure! my friend gave it to me cuz he got one of the disney desks that they were getting rid of.

Aaron said...

Funny thing, I was just about to ask you for a picture of the desk. I've seen folks with those before and they look essspensive. I might have go for an Albertsons bulk-foods version, rather than the real thing. Sweet set up though.

Miyuki Kanno said...

wow! I love your own studio space! All the sculputres, animation papers, all the drawings, and computer..... I can see you've been working so hard. Very inspiring!

AkinYaman said...

when l first saw disney animation l was in a dream land and lost with all that art. so long animation seemed to me a kind of wish and happen matter and the animators are the magic mans of this special feast. surely enough Matt Williames is the new bread of this dream makers and we are all so happy to have the chance to touch and see his magic via this pages. lm 33 years old but still can feel the childish point of view ( with wide open eyes and a wild grin )like the day when l first saw micky and donald. we all thank you for sharing your art and being frank and humble all the way.
thanx a lot Matt Williames, keep goin we will follow you buddy

Ali said...

I see that Quasimodo model sheet there Matt! Are you keeping something from us?


Matt Williames said...

akinya- as i've said before, i'm a student for life. You never know it all, if we did things would get boring. discovery is part of the magic of being an artist.
Ali- nawww, i'm not hiding anything. I have had those and other model sheets up from designs that i admire. If you ever get the chance look at the model sheets for hunchback. James and Tony did them ALL and it was so beautiful. But then it got all watered down. anyway that's all it is for.

J said...

I too have a Disney Desk with a Tantor maquette atop it. What a coincidence. Great looking model sheets btw. You seem to be a big James Baxter fan. But then again, who isn't?