Monday, November 20, 2006

Matt's Excellent Portland Adventure

Welp, It's that time of the year. A time when we all need to reflect on why we should be thankful. Me, I have absolutlely nothing to not be thankful for. Yes, I could go on and on about my wonderful wife, the fact that i am still doing hand drawn animation for a living, and that we have so much more than 90 percent of the world. But honestly, what i am driven to confess is my thankfulness is for a God who loved me enough to die for me so that i may live. All else is rubbish compared to knowing Jesus as Lord of my life-- I am thankful indeed!
As for other news, I am affraid that posts are going to slow down dramatically for a while. I have taken a job up at Laika in Portland! It's not permenant, and i will mostly be working freelance from home though i will need to be spending a good long chunk of time up there in house. I'll be on "Coraline" doing hand drawn animation-- there is no hand drawn in the film, but they are using a lot of it for reference and other things. I've heard the film is looking amazing! Someone up there even told me that from the reels they've seen it's as strong as the "Iron Giant". Now, I'll take that with a grain of salt for now but if it's true this could be pretty freakin cool!
Anyhow, I do not intend on not ever posting, if i do it'll be small for now. No tutorials for a while--thanks for your patience everyone and to my students at CalArts, rock on and finish strong! I'll see you guys next semester! Cheers!


Anonymous said...

congrats matt!

Anonymous said...

Ouah "Caroline".
I saw only one image of it, and I am already impatient to see all this stuff moving.

Eric said...

Hey Matt,

Congratulations on the job at Laika! I'm up here in Portland, too, and I hope you enjoy it. I love it here. :)

Thanks for all of the amazing information you've posted on your site--even if there's not much that's going to be new very soon, I have notebooks full of printed notes to comb through, so there's enough to still gather and learn from....

Good luck on "Coraline!" :)

- Eric

Young said...

Liaka, congrats.

I think Huy is a character designer there. I don't know if you remember him. He was a year ahead of us.

Good Luck!

Ali said...

That's really cool Matt.

I believe a lot of stop motion animation is based on drawn reference animation. Tim Watts animated the entirety of The Big Story in 2D before animating the puppets for the final film. It sure makes puppet animation look less daunting.

Good luck with the job.

ChewBloggers said...

that's great news matt!
i've freelanced for the 2-d folks for a long time and they are super super wonderful folks...don't know if you'll be in touch with them or not since they're on a different part of their set up but if you do they're really great people...and portland is gorgeous as you already know...good luck


Ale said...

I've read Coraline, and if Henry Selick makes justice out of it, it'll be an awesome stopmo feature...Maybe you can share something with us?? :D

Good luck on that one!

The Ad Mad!

Matt Williames said...

Thanks everyone! I am looking forward to seeing what the film looks like as soon as i get there! Maybe i should have clarified too--it's not a permemnant job, and I'll be in L.A. most of the time. Up front I need to do a big chunk in house to get into their "flow". After that I'll be in L.A most of the time.
Bobby and Damien: Thanks guys!!
Eric: I am so glad you have found this informative! It won't stop, just slow down for a bit.
Young: HUY? Hm, sounds familiar, I'll keep an eye out for him!
Ali: Thanks man! That's really interesting, i didn't know that a lot of stop motion uses 2D as reference first. I am excited to learn more about stop motion... it's something that's always daunted me!
Joe: Always good to hear from you! Naw, unfortunately I won't be in touch much with Laika House-- I have talked to them before though and they are super nice folk!
Ale: Yeah, let's hope the films as good as all the hype says it will be! As usual i am sure i won't be able to post about it, but we'll see!

DTN said...

Matt ,

Great news on the job !

Your Thanksgiving post totally resonates with me ...

"I could go on and on about my wonderful wife, the fact that i am still doing hand drawn animation for a living, and that we have so much more than 90 percent of the world. But honestly, what i am driven to confess is my thankfulness is for a God who loved me enough to die for me so that i may live. All else is rubbish compared to knowing Jesus as Lord of my life-- I am thankful indeed!"

Ain't it the truth ?

Happy Thanksgiving Day , Matt ,and everyone .

Anonymous said...

hey man hows it going? its me the high school french kid again. there is some stuff id like to send to you if thats cool to see what you think? also i have some bits and peaces on my blog that i would apreciate you brousing threw if you had time.

your stuff is nothing short of insperation

Halya said...

Good luck Matt!

Mokuu said...

I was wondering, as an animator, how do you go on about doing a finished drawing, i mean there is this thrill of sketching with gesture and movement that can be easly lost if you ink over it or even color digitally and that deals great pain to the concept itself. So i wonder, how do you save yourself the hit? Its hard since in some circumstances an employer might ask a finished marker drawing or any other medium but as an animator its rare to have to "finish" a drawing, right?

Adam said...

thanks for all the knowledge and inspiration on this blog!
looking forward to your future posts!

Matt Williames said...

Thanks Halya! Mokuu, well, I've never been asked to ink drawings. We really don't go to that extreme, but we do tie down drawings. It's actually pretty essensial for a traditional animator to know how to tie down. I covered this in a previous post a while back, but everyone does this differently. Yeah, there IS a thrill to your ruff's, but there even more of a thrill (to me) of tying down that ruff sketch and maintaining the feeling behind it. That doesn't have to get lost in your tie down, sometimes it can, but that's when you sit down and figure out why its not working and redraw and redraw and redraw untilyou find the dang drawing you need! Animation is not a lazy man's artform. It takes relentless curiosity and energy to make it work.
So in my opinion know how to "finish" your drawings is primary to great hand drawn animation. Your job is to communicate, and it's really tough for any assistant followingyou up to reinterpret you drawing. Believe me, it's tough enough to get them to follow you tied down version, let alone a really rough scribble.
Hope that helps!
Adam: thanks a lot man! I am glad you're enjoying it!

Andre Barnwell said...

I have to say I am pleased with the gross amount of info on here and im commenting your 2nd your very second post way back when. "im not too sure too many people look at this blog" well i do and its wonderful. thank you for your time for explaing and tryin to better an animators mind so to create some real magic on screen. Thank you and happy holidays and a new year

Russell said...

Hey Matt,
Just happened to stumble across your blog, looking at various links on animators sites... You've got some great stuff! I'm a 3D animator and live in Vancouver, WA (right across the river from Portland... it's kind of like a suburb of Portland in fact). Anyway, just wanted to say hey, and congrats on the work with Laika. I hope to someday soon get my reel in there. Also, it's great to hear some one in the industry profess so strongly their love for Jesus :) Can never hear that enough!

Again, congrats and keep posting the great work!

God Bless

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