Friday, June 29, 2007


from handdrawn and Vimeo.

Welp, here it is! Every time I watch it I either cringe, or feel some sense of accomplishment. Something I was aiming for very deliberately with this moment was a little bit more of a staccato style of acting. A slight bit more jumpy, quicker timing which is not normal for me. I love the more "graceful" look. I was trying some new stuff, trying to push myself into a little more unknown territory acting-wise. And I'm proud of that much, but because this could only get an hour here or there inbetween work, life and other things I feel it lacks in consistancy (mainly of model).
So, it's done and now lets move onto the next one! I've got a lot of ideas, it's just finding time inbetween animating all these commercials!! ugghhhh man, too much! Hope everyone digs it!


gemini82 said...

"I feel it lacks in consistancy (mainly of model)."

What actually is off model? I don't really have a discerning when it goes to picking up things off model.

Nice work.

Maarten Rijs said...

Man! Incredible! The acting is just amazing! So awesome that it's finally done! It's really cool to read through your blog and see how you've made this piece by piece... Really helpfull!

Anyway, it's beautifull, I'm looking forward to the next!

Cooked Art said...


I totally do dig it.

Great job man!

Lou Hamou-Lhadj said...

Congratulations for seeing it through to the end- it looks great, and I know exactly what you mean when it comes to finding time between work and everything else..

Andrew Coats said...
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Andrew Coats said...

hey matt, I see what you mean about the slight model inconsistencies as the piece progresses, but hell, if the animation feels natural and consistent, (which it certainly does), then it really isn't matter. Glad to see you finished it with your full work schedule! AWESOME WORK

Philip Vose said...

looks to me sir that you are a great animator, no doubt about it! awesome stuff matt. hey, expect a call from me sometime soon. i've been wanting to talk to you, so make room in your nutty schedule. say hi to kristin for me and talk to you soon. bye dude.

Piotr said...

the acting is fabulous! i think you did a terrific job! you really play well with candy's voice and it's wonderful to see this finished!

Munchanka said...

John Candy friggin' rules, I always thought he's make a great stegosaurus, but it appears he also makes a mighty fine bear. Man, it's good to see some quality traditional animation. Well done, sir! I like the hands coming forward defensively, excellent gesticulation there.

LampshadeMan said...

He does grow a bit through out the shot, but I think the acting more than makes up for it. Especially the eye movement. Truely inspiring, makes me want to animate right now!

Matt Williames said...

Gemini: Off model means when a characters "look" or design is different from the set-in-stone model sheet. Model sheets are king, so if the purportions are off from the model sheet then it's just plain wrong. In my stupidity I did not nail down a model for this specific test.
Maarten: Thanks man! I am glad you like it!
Cooked Art: Thanks, totally glad you dig it!
Lou: Thanks! Life doesn't stop for our personal art does it?
Andrew: Yeah, like I said, I stupidly did not nail down the model, so it was bound to happen. Technical stuff like that always really bugs me! argggg- anyway, thanks for the kind words, your work is looking good too!
P. Vose: dude, you can call whenever you want! Whenever, ya hear! Oh, I have some news to share with you!
Piotr: Thanks man! John Candy has so much to offer, it's hard to mess it up! Some of your impressions have been cracking me up though man!
Munchanka: A stegosaurus eh?? Hmmm, what about a T-Rex, but more in the vain of the T-Rex from the hit ABC show "Dinosaurs". No? Yeah, that's stupid. Anyway, thanks for the kind words man! You gonna come down here and do some 2D?
LampShade: Thanks! Acting is infinitely challenging, it's so fun to work subtext into ones shots!

Andre Barnwell said...

BEEEAAAUUTTTYYY! once again thank you for sharing this is fantastic. The acting however makes the model incosistency forgiveble. Then again watchin it again im wondering if the "inconsistancy i see is the fat(flesh) felt from your character.

Fantastic work anyway and thank you again for sharing.

Andre Barnwell said...

ps. Some work we did in our group film this year. Even when nailed down to something appealing theres always something that could be pushed more and i think subconsciously(in our "stupidity/confidence" we change it as it goes along to keep pushing it. Design and animation is quite the journey and Im looking forward to stepping into the industry.

Tobias Schwarz said...

I can`t believe you find the time to animate on the side. Very nice.

messytimbo said...

looks great to me. i don't know where you find the time to do this while your working. your one hard working man. i need to take a page out of your book.

Maarten Rijs said...

Okay what.. the.. I just read you were 14 when you worked on space jam... 14!?!?! That's incredibly young man, how old were you when you started animating?

Patrick said...

" That's incredibly young man, how old were you when you started animating?"

Yeah! incredible, 14??!

how old were you when you were born man?

Anonymous said...

It's a great animation sir!


Matt Williames said...

andre: Thanks so much for the kind words. Yeah, the model is inconsistant in a few ways, but that's what I get for not making up a model sheet first. Never again! Ever!
Tobias: Yeah, it's frustrating huh? I'm married too and that adds to the difficulty. But my wife rocks and knows that I need to keep going on stuff like this. As long as I don't live at my desk (a temptation sometimes) shes cool with it.
Timbo: Thanks bud! It ain't easy finding time or energy, but I know if i don't keep pushing myself I'll never grow. Especially in todays CG world!
Maarten, Patrick, Damien: Yeah, I was 14. But believe me, i wasn't creating any masterpieces!! Man I messed up so many scenes. sheesh... I had known I wanted to be an animator (specifically a Disney Animator) since i was 9. So, i guess i started at 9. But animating at the time meant copying frame by frame the trailer for Aladdin. So, bottom line is that i was an extremely fortunate young man, i certainly didn't deserve any of the privilages I recieved.

Maarten Rijs said...

Haha your too shy I'm sure you did.
Just imagine how good you will be when your.... 80? Hehe well see you around.

Sugartastic_D_Slim said...

I think I've watched this about 100 times now... I really love it! So much life. Thanks for posting and taking the time to do it!


messytimbo said...

damn..hold on what does that make you know now...26,27. jeese, looking at how good you animation is and the knowledge you share i thought you was much older. dude you have gone up about 100 points since i found that out.

you are one talented mo fo

Matt Williames said...

sugartastic: thanks so much! It was my pleasure to share it with you all!
Timbo: I'm 25... and I have a LOT to learn!

Anonymous said...

Very impressive Mr. Williames.

Young Vo said...

it's alright... if you like awsome animation! Very Cool!

R.Dress said...

Nice bit of acting.

ivan oviedo said...

Ola, meu nome é Ivan Oviedo, admiro muito o seu trabalho, é uma fonte inspiradora.

Se tiver um tempinho da uma olhada no meu blog:


Todd Oman said...

well done.

Matt Williames said...

hwang, Young Vo, Tod: Thanks guys! I appreciate it! Hwang and Young, what are you two up to these days?
Ivan: I really like your animation! I left a comment on your blog!

Randeep Katari said...

phenominal Stuff. I love it, great to see some well done 2d animation these days. Thanks for posting it. I'd love to hear what you think of my work too, it'd mean a lot.

Vince Gorman said...

wow, insane to think that you cringe upon viewing it. I love the acting, especially the hands at the end, like he has something more to say, but it doesn't really come out, so his hand finishes his thought.

Maarten Rijs said...


I think your pretty busy right now since your not really posting much, just felt like making a suggestion for a next 'lesson post'.

About the spacing chart, I know how it works and how to 'read' it and stuff, but I'm having trouble defining where to put certain frames.
Is this just a matter of trying out to see what looks best or is there a method for it?

Young Vo said...

Hey Mat,

I'm still animating for games. Still trying to finish my short. Collaborative projects are so hard.
I'm also putting together a illustration portfolio for comic-con to get some freelance gigs.

How was Laika?

Myranimation said...

Great job! I love how he goes from having a huge careless smile, to concerned looking, then back to this cool relaxed expression. The acting is great.
, Myra

Rekha Thorat said...

its pleasure to see such heartwarming 2D animation..Its beautiful piece of animation. Great work!!

Anonymous said...


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