Thursday, August 30, 2007

Some more OLD Animation

Looney Tunes Animation from handdrawn and Vimeo.

Here's another shot I did on Looney Tunes: BIA that never made it into the film. Not sure why, the sequence got used, and I even remember watching the great Tracy Lee clean up my stuff. In fact I even think I remember seeing it in color... hmmm, weird. I was always bugging those clean-up guys about drawing tips and stuff. Clean Up is one of those artforms that has pretty much become lost to the new generations. It makes me sick to think about it-- as an animator you KNOW how important it is to get a really stellar clean up artist to keep the original intention of your shot!
So this was a fun, simple shot. I remember this was towards the end of the film, being the new guy I hadn't gotten very many "sweet shots". Now I know, there are no small shots just small animators right? I agree, but you gotta admit you're never gonna grow unless you get some shots that have more meat to them. So I mentioned to Tony DeRosa that if at all possible I'd love to get something a little more substantial. Kindly enough he gave me this shot. He was looking forward to doing this himself, so it was a bit of a sacrifice for him to let me do it.
I did the shot in 3 days. I can remember trying make it last longer cuz I was having so much fun on it!
So anyhow, more coming so stay tuned!!


Maarten Rijs said...

Aah what's that sound?

Anyway it's been great to see some of your animation again! I can never see enough of your animation!

Munchanka said...

Cool, man! Daffy is the best, and it seems like you've got him down. I like the little head shake. I'd love to see you'd do with one of his tantrums. Why don't more people post animation? Wusses!

Matt Williames said...

Maarten: That sound is of the lazer beam hitting Daffy's body and his beak. The idea was that this beam would transfer his body somewhere else. The gag was that his mouth was left long enough to get through most his line till' he got zapped again. When I rendered the avi I forgot to add the "lazer" level so, you just hear and don't see it. oops!
Thanks for compliments ma man! Animating is the crap balls!
Austin: Daffy IS the best-- definaely my favorite of the looney tunes! Yeah man, you should post some of your animation! do it, NOW!