Friday, June 29, 2007


from handdrawn and Vimeo.

Welp, here it is! Every time I watch it I either cringe, or feel some sense of accomplishment. Something I was aiming for very deliberately with this moment was a little bit more of a staccato style of acting. A slight bit more jumpy, quicker timing which is not normal for me. I love the more "graceful" look. I was trying some new stuff, trying to push myself into a little more unknown territory acting-wise. And I'm proud of that much, but because this could only get an hour here or there inbetween work, life and other things I feel it lacks in consistancy (mainly of model).
So, it's done and now lets move onto the next one! I've got a lot of ideas, it's just finding time inbetween animating all these commercials!! ugghhhh man, too much! Hope everyone digs it!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A bit better

This version definately reads a bit better. Man, me and color just don't mix! Anyway, thought I'd post the "useable" version of this drawing. Some more animation is coming, just as soon as I have time to post it. Later!

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Designing in 100 degrees

Thought I'd post what I've been busy with today. Have been getting my portfolio reassembled for something. I really want some good design work in there-- These are 2 I am considering. The color on the ape got a little blow out, plus I need to smooth it out a bit more. Anyway, just for fun! Cheers!!

Thursday, June 07, 2007

POST 100

Man, 2 blog posts in a row from me? What's next, world peace? Yeah, anyway 2 days in a row of quick sketching! I really am wanting to get back into the habit. I did the bear habit from the documentary called "Grizzly Man"... Holy Moly, that dude was CRAZ-EE! I'm sorry, I love creation and all that's in it but what that guy was doing was nuts.
Lotsa just random doodles in here too. Just for fun... you know what I can't get enough of? 101 Dalmations! That is the stinking poop man! The design, character animation--awww man, there are few things I can study relentlessly without getting sick of it and that's one of them (check out the Rojer scenes at the end by Mlt of Rojer adding up all th puppies, amazing frenetic use of eyes).
Wow, weird post... random.... Hmmmm, K bye!

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A little birdy told me

Was doing some quick sketching today... Man, I am rust- EE! Starting out with birds was fun though, nice, clear, simple shapes. There's an endless variety and they are SO easy to caricature. FUN! I think I am gonna take a few of these further into the design realm. Enjoy!