Wednesday, August 13, 2008

  Some more Curious George randomness! The fun thing about designing characters that are only seen once is that they don't always fit into a context. Like these characters are basically cutaways. So, I could basically do whatever I wanted as long as they looked like a dog and a moose.
  Went to Siggraph today-- Disney set us animators up there. Was fun accept they wouldn't let me into the Frank and Ollie talk, dangit! Was talking to a few people about traditional animation while I was at the Disney booth. One dude swore to me that Lilo and Stitch was CG. I politely tried to inform him that it was a hand drawn movie. I could see the confusion on his face and it was later confirmed with his comment "but then that would mean you'd have to draw every frame!!". Yup-- just like in 1939. Other favorite qoutes that I either heard or heard of:
  "Why don't you guys just use tracing paper?"
   (a man walks up with a suit on and a briefcase and says) "I need to talk to John Lasseter".
  "Are you sure you want to be drawing in red?"
  "how many "animations" do you do in a day?"

  Ahhhh man, too funny. 


Sickboy said...

That cat is incredible, I almost heard purring in my room. I am crouching behind my monitor afraid it might scratch me with those claws! Bravo!

Brittney Lee said...

Oh man, these quotes made my day Matt. I'd like to think that the man in the suit was a personality very similar to Dwight from "The Office." Soo so so funny!

Hrishikesh said...

the designs r cool & thanks for shaeing this with ous Matt :)

gemini82 said...

lmao. funny quotes

spike the surf dog said...

Love these drawings. The shapes are great and the line quality is fantastic. Great stuff.

David Nethery said...

"One dude swore to me that Lilo and Stitch was CG. I politely tried to inform him that it was a hand drawn movie. I could see the confusion on his face and it was later confirmed with his comment "but then that would mean you'd have to draw every frame!!". Yup-- just like in 1939. "

Oh, my ... true story , Matt : I worked on Lilo & Stitch in Orlando and one night a few weeks after it had been released I stopped at the local Publix grocery store to pick up some things for dinner that night . The checkout person notices me still wearing my Disney ID card on a lanyard around my neck ... Oh, do you work for Disney? .

"Why , yes, I do " I reply .

"What do you do at Disney ?"

"I work in the Animation Dept." .

"Oh, did you work on Lilo & Stitch? I loved that movie ! So, you must work on computers because I saw a tv show and it showed how all animation is done on computers now and Lilo & Stitch was obviously done on computers because it was too good to be done by hand" .

Well ... after I picked my jaw up off the floor , I thanked her for her kind words about how good Lilo & Stitch was , but I tried to enlighten her to the fact that it was not animated on computers but was drawn by hand on paper , the same as Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs , etc.

She looked at me like I was nuts. Like, how could it possibly be drawn by hand if it was so good ? Must be a computer that did it, right ?

I don't know if I ever really convinced her.

I didn't know whether to be insulted or complimented .

That one incident proved to me that the whole "3D has replaced 2D" argument is a crock and the audience doesn't really know or care if the film is hand-drawn or CG ... if they respond to the characters and the story then they will love the film.

So in my mind there is no reason to have thrown out the 2D baby with the bad story bath water ... but of course you know that , and now I'm just preaching to the already converted.

However, I thought you'd like to hear that story and know that you are not the only one who has had someone tell you that Lilo & Stitch was done on computers !

Dusenberry said...

Hahah, I never get tired of those types of comments/questions.

Cool seeing those designs again - I like the dog :-)

What coolness happened at Siggraph?

Marcos Gp said...

Hi Matt

I was at the siggraph tuesday and it was funny to see how during some fur demonstration for Bolt everybody around the Disney both couldn't take their eyes away from the pencil of the animator drawing next to the computer screen.

Creating a character out of nothing is magic, so people feel more comfortable thinking that computers do the job.

Vince Gorman said...

I too was at Siggraph and was lucky enough to see the Frank and Ollie tribute, which was very inspiring. I also got to hear the 'future of animation' talk with Don Hahn, Ken Duncan, Robert Kyoto and others, which too was great. Most things there are technical in some way, but it is nice to see that there is a platform there for non-computer artforms as well. I saw an animator at the Disney booth drawing board on Thursday, but I don't think it was you? Anyway, cool designs, nice smooth curvy lines.


HEY! Those are great! I hope your doing awsome man.

Graham Ross said...

Great stuff man. Wish I'd known you were gonna be at siggraph. I would have stopped by and said how much I like yer blog!

Maarten Rijs said...

so appealing!! wow.

by the way, matt, whatsup with this new blog, nomad animation studios? I wanna visit but it wont let me!!

Matt Williames said...

Thanks everybody for the comments! life has just been too busy for me to keep up with commenting, so sorry about that!
Maarten: I started that new blog to have a homebase for development of short/feature/whatever I/we want ideas. I kept it private just to play it safe-- eventually I am sure some things will leak onto this blog :)

G1toons said...

have not been here in a while love this drwaings, very expressive lines

Copper said...

Hey man, just wanted to say that I really admire your work.
Your blog as taught me a lot so far, and I've only read the first few months of posts.

I also think it's awesome that you're a brother in Christ since I haven't really heard of many talented Christians in the industry.

By the way, I'm still in high school, so not a professional animator yet - just trying to learn everything possible in my free time.

- jonah

martin wittig said...

hahahhaaahhaahaha Awesome work man. Your work is always so well done:)

Anonymous said...

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Phil Willis said...

I had to laugh at the comments from people at the conference.

In particular - the guy who wanted to see John Lassiter.

Although - it does make me wonder what he had in the briefcase.

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