Monday, September 21, 2009

Ruff Stuff


Please continue to you cast your votes in the post below! I will end the vote as of THIS Friday (the 25th), so if you have an opinion on the matter be sure to vote in time! Until then enjoy this ruff bit of experimental animation I did for my short film. Often when I have a design getting "close" to what I want it to FEEL like, I take it for a "test drive" which always reveals a lot of it's successes and flaws. In this particular case I animated this to ultimately be used for an eventual color test as well. I animated this in about a day, and in a fairly more ruff way than I typically do. Obviously the end is just posed out, however I do intend to finish it. Also, the beard and floppy bits of hair will be animated in After Effects once the ruff animation is complete. So, no, it won't look like a bit moppy beard in the final product. So enjoy this ruff rascal--


Tim Moen said...

i like it. i like everything you do pretty much. its so cool how you get his head to do that arcy/stretchy thing in the begining. im wondering why you want to use after effects for his beard? that seems so "anti-nomad" to me lol.

Matt Williames said...

thanks Tim! I guess the way I want the beard to feel IS the reason why I want to use AE. I just want this dry, scrubby feeling that I think I could achieve a little better in AE. Or, maybe not. I may hate it then draw it more like I treated the eye brows-- are you holding up in New York? You are still working on the portfolio right?! RIGHT!?

Patrick Semple said...

it will be cool to see the AFX involved, would it kind of be like in Kung Fu Panda with the dream seq stuff. i think a lot of that was AFX and Tradional mixed.

Philip Vose said...

hey mr. matt. hope you and your family are super swell. your work is really looking great. thanks.

maarten said...

awesome to see animation again on your blog.
its REALLY nice that you will be doing tutorials again. honestly, no preferences for me, i trust that anything will be great.

when you have a chance you should drop by on my blog. just to be updated :)

messytimbo said...

this is wicked dude! i agree with tim, i love the beard at the beginning and i love the double take. my vote is for turning stuff. i suck and moving form convincingly.

smallawei said...