Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Adam and Dog

It is my great great pleasure to share the trailer of a short film I am so proud to have been apart of: Adam and Dog. The film was directed and concieved by the extremely talented Minkyu Lee. It is up for an Annie Nomination for best short film. This film, to me, is what I got into the film industry to do and quite honestly I haven't worked on anything anywhere near this good. In the future I plan to post more about it but consider this a teaser post for now :) Enjoy, and vote for Adam and Dog!


Unknown said...

Looks great!

Carla Crittenden said...

This looks fantastic! I cannot wait until the whole film is released! I can tell such hard work went into this. :) Inspirational!

chaz said...

that looks absolutely amazing! obviously something to be proud of!

Chris Bivins said...

Wow this is blowing my mind! If more films in America were done like this, it would take animation to a whole new level. Always a pleasure to see beautifully done 2d animation. Looking forward to more and maybe some vis dev and animation drawings? lol


Matt Williames said...

to all: Yes, we are very proud of the film! I think it is truly something special. I feel so blessed to have been apart of it.

Chris: Thanks so much for saying so! I believe the same as you... I just love the fact that we did this without ANY studio being attached to it. When I can I'll post my pencil tests and some drawings at a later time.

Joe said...

Matt...Congrats to Minkyu and all of you involved in it...It looks GORGEOUS and is a testament to the passion and drive we all have to make a statement with the work we do.

Curious what the running time is, Matt...and congrats on ALL the beautiful work you've been sharing!


Matt Williames said...

Hey Joe! I am so glad you liked the trailer! The film really is a statement of sorts... that in all truth when artists have a vision and particularly the one leading it has a strong vision, something very personal and unique can come from it. Without ANY studio involvement. I am so excited about the future with these artists!

The running time is about 20 minutes (I think)... Thanks for dropping me a note Joe, I really hope you are well!

Carlos Luzzi said...

Hey Matt. I looks awesome! Kuddos for the beautifull stuff. Please show some pencil tests when you can!

Anonymous said...

"In the future I plan to post more about it but consider this a teaser post for now"


Matt, you are a tease. That was written over a month ago.

When are you going to post more about the film ?


Congratulations to you and everyone on this Matt. It looks so stunning and charming. Some friends pointed out a couple things you had done. Awesome. I can not wait to finaly see the whole thing.
And go read the comment I just left you on the post concerning your KFP special animation.

Matt Williames said...

Carlos: Will do, and thank you!

Anon: You know me, like to keep em' wantin' more! I do have to be careful about what i post as the film is still on the festival circuit but I am going to try and figure out what I can post soon :)

Shane: Thanks soooo much buddy! That really means a lot! And thank you for your gracious comment on the KFP stuff, I really lucked out and got some great shots to animate :)

Jessica Morrison said...

This is a little late, but congrats on the Annie!

This looks truly wonderful. Viewing the trailer made me tear up, I can't wait to see the whole thing! I get the feeling it was a fun project to work on.

Juan Caruso said...

Congrats Matt!!
The inspiration exploded in my head when I saw the trailer, I want to see the full short!!! You Know any release date for public?
Thanks for share your amazing talent!

Bhashkar-Bimoutservices said...

very nice, Matt!!! I love your expressions and how pushed your mouth drawings are.

Anonymous said...

Well, the trailer for Adam & Dog generated a lot of excitement , but now months have gone by and the Tumblr page is not updated at all, there has been no additional information about the production of the film , where it will be shown in film festivals, or maybe how to purchase the film on DVD or via a download. What happened ?

Matt Williames said...


I am sorry that there has been no information about where to see the film and about it's production. Honestly, I do not know what to say. I do know that after the awards season it will most likely be made available for public consumption, but nothing has been set yet. I wish I could add more then that but I honestly cannot at the moment. If anything becomes available information-wise I will be sure to post about it.

Anonymous said...

Some beautiful backgrounds as well!

Scoville said...

"In the future I plan to post more about it but consider this a teaser post for now" -- Matt, you are a tease. That was written over a month ago. When are you going to post more about the film ?

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Judy - Doctoral Programs said...

Thank you for posting this video. This looks like it has the potential to be a very strong short film. The background setting is amazing and so are all of the animals. I am a fan of the bird of paradise. I hope to see more of the video in the near future.


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