Monday, March 12, 2007

Check it! YO!

(A young John Lasseter... haha, no joke!)

Check out this link:
Click on the section that says "Animation Overview"... it's worth it.

Pretty neat stuff man... Actually, more like a dream come true! I just don't sleep anymore man! Here I am writting this at 2 in the morning when I should be sleeping! But I can't, the dream is back...


Bobby Pontillas said...

is there a section with "animation overview?" I'm just getting a audiocast.

Wes said...

Very cool. How did you find this site for the meeting?

I had a lot of problems getting to the other sections as well. It should appear under the actual player in the top left. I'm on OSX, and safari displayed the links, but they didn't work.

Firefox, wouldn't even display the links. I ended up having to *gasp* go into windows in parallels and use IE.

They must be using some crazy formatting.

Wes said...

Hey Matt?

Were you actually able to watch anything? Or was it just audio?

messytimbo said...

i'm not sure about that, it starts off good, about meet the robinsons and it bying a personal director driven film. but then he talks about brad bird writing and directing Ratatouille. i'm not sure that it's his own personal idea. when i first heard about him doing Ratatouille it was anouced that he was "taking over" the project.

and "toy story 3" booooooooooo, it's the same as toy story 2, it was suposed to be a stright to dvd job that John Lasseter has saved because he doesn't want the toy story name to go down the toilet.
and thats what brad bird said when i went to see him talk at the n.f.t

i think it's sad to see John Lasseter in that situation. because i'm sure he doesn't want to make it TS3 (he said himself that he's not directing it), but he doesn't want it to be a bad film

it's seem like disney are still more Concerned with money than anything else.

at this rate they will always be behind the masters in japan

Matt Williames said...

Thanks for the help Wes! did you figure it out Bobby? Wes, I wasn't able to watch it, no. Bummer huh?

Timbo: Well, I actually think it's good news personally. Disney is in the best shape it's been in, in... well, a veeeeery long time! Things aren't perfect and they never will be, but they are moving in a great direction.
It's actually pretty well known that John really was looking forward to TS3 (eventually) until Eisner took it from him and tried to use it as a contractual bargaining chip. John isn't directing because he's too busy running 2 studios and I don't think they'd make the film now unless it was gonna be great since he has the power to cancel any film in development.
No, "Rat" is not Brad's idea, but he did rewrite it and is obviously directing it. I have friends working on it who says it's better than "The Incredibles". Kinda hard to imagine.
But the bit of news i was more refering to (being exciting) was the "frog princess" news. Hand Drawn was destined to never return to Disney had it not been for Lasseter. So, for that I am happy to applaud him.
I of course respect your opinions though and welcome your thoughts!

Bobby Pontillas said...

Hey Matt yeah finally got it to work, by opening it up with IE, exciting indeed! I wonder if he was showing those older 3D images of American Dog.

messytimbo said...

and i totally respect your opinions. and your definitely
right about it being good new that he's taking over. and i'm really glad that there re-openning there 2d department.

but where my disapointment lyies is that it souned like they
wanna take disney back to the way it was and not take it forward. which i think he did with pixar and thats why they're such a success.(and i'm not talking about it being in 3d,there films could be in 2d and still be as great)

but maybe you have to take a step backwards to go forward.

i watch toy story 2 the other day and the ending to me seems like a proper fairwell, so i'm not sure why you would say hello agian after saying goodbye. thats waht makes me think that he didn't instigate the idea of a 3rd. of course i could be wrong.

i know that ts3 will be good,i don't think pixar are capable of making a bad film. i'm just a little disapointed that they had add to something thats
so perfect already, i don't think they need to make 2 let alone 3

anyways, i should be thanking you for the link. so...thanks for the link, it was very insightful :)

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