Tuesday, March 06, 2007

just for fun

hand drawn animation on Vimeo

No thoughts this time round' or anything good to say. Just a very short shot I did from Curious George. This one took like, 3 days-- was fun cuz of the camera move. Always enjoy a good camera move shot!
I try to get a good mix of physical shots and acting shots in a film, even though physical shots invovle acting and acting shots involve physicality. Ooops, more depth than i said i was gonna have for this post... Enjoy!


Marcos Gp said...

Fun is allways wellcome :)

Thanks to share

Ricardo Silva said...

Really nice!
For me pencil shoots are always inspiring.

messytimbo said...

really great. did you do the in-betweens as well? or did you do the keys in 3 days.

i'm not sure how it still works in feature films. i've been told that some animators like to do there own in-betweens.

andy said...

Wow, very cool stuff Matt, thanks for posting! The last time I tried animating over a moving background was for a student film, and I agonised for weeks over getting it working right... and here you've done it brilliantly in just 3 days haha! :)

liam said...

love seeing the pencil tests-inspiring to the rest of us to keep posting ourselves as well

Matt Williames said...

Marcos: Your welcome, and thank you for coming by!
Ricardo: I know what you mean, drawings always seem more personal to me!
Tim: I did do all the inbetweens myself... i usually do anyway (I am a control freak when it comes to my animation) but i would have needed to do my own anyway since the character needs to be reg. to the BG. Stuff like that is always better when you do it yourself.
Andy: Yeah these shots can be tricky... the trick is to not let it intimidate you and figure it out technically first before start animating. Once you figure out how to block these type of shots they become relatively easy to do. It's all about how you think about it...
Liam: I am glad it's inspiring to you! That encourages me!

Rob said...

That grid must've helped out when you were doing your contacts.

I thought for sure you had an assistant, because you charted your extremes. Do you ever go "chartless?" Sometimes I use charts, other times I just need to feel it along in between my keys and extremes...Then again I'm an amatuer wannabe animation guy.

Thanks for sharing.

Victor Ens said...

Man, this is very good work !!!
Perspective and the 3D cameramove, looks awesome. The secondary action also is very well done. What can I say? This is Matt, Ladies and Gentlemen.
I hope my "monkey-scene" that I'm doing right now in my spare time is going to be that good. Wish me luck :o)

Matt Williames said...

Rob: I WISH i had an assistant (more like ruff inbetweener) sometimes! Even if i did though I would do all these inbetweens by myself. and yeah, the grid helped hugely!
Vic: Thanks man! It's a real compliment coming from you! Can't wait to see some more of YOUR animation soon!

prigmore1 said...

Great man. Dude! I didn't forget about you. I have been so freaking swamped dude! It looks like your doing just fine though. I will talk to you soon dude.

prigmore1 said...

Holy crap I just said "Dude" three times. Sorry matt.

libra bear said...

Animation is so exciting, seeing your work makes me look forward to getting better. Nice one dude.