Thursday, October 27, 2005


Today i thought i'd write a little bit about the upcoming Curious George. I've been hearing a lot of bad mouthing about the film, and I think, frankly, a lot of it's unfounded opinions by people who just like to have an opinion or feel like that it's the 'popular' opinion to have. I worked on the film, and i have to be honest and say that i think the first screening was pretty weak. I walked out of the screening room shaking my head like everybody else thinking "this is gonna suck." But as the film progressed and animation started getting approved, i really liked how the performances started to add a dimension that wasn't percievable while watching the story reel. Plus, i have to say that i think Matt O'Callaghan (the director) really did a great job in reeling everything together. Once he replaced the last director he started over from scratch, and from what i heard the film needed it. Plus he was overseeing animation from probably at least 12 different studios. He was always cool and collected when i would have my approval sessions with him, and some people would flip out with that kind of pressure and treat others around them poorly. Is the film going to be an Incredibles? No. Is it gonna be better than the last few Disney features? Heck ya! My point is that it is what it is... it's a fun film and i think people are gonna enjoy it.


SMacLeod said...

The newest trailer stunk big fat ones! :) But, yeah, I suppose it'd have to flicker, play backwards, and have the lip-sync off to be as bad as Home on the Range, and I can't wait to see some of the scenes (especially yours).

Matt Williames said...

I didn't think it stunk that bad... maybe because i thought it was gonna stink a lot worse! Kinda sad when we have to lower our expectations like that. I had a chance to see some of my stuff in color this week at Warner Brothers! Some looked great, others looked kinda crappy. the clean-up that is. i guess we'll see in Feb. how it turns out!

John N said...

Hey Matt

Funny thing, I worked on Curious George and you're right. Its not Pixar quality, but it should be fun better than the last few Disney films. Definately better that the 2D films that DreamWorks put out. An I live in Santa Clarita also, funny we never ran into each other at work.