Monday, October 24, 2005

Some fun stuff!

Here's some realllllllllly old quick sketches i did back when i was at CalArts (2000-2001). I feel like quick sketching is a lost art now with computers and all. I used to LOVE it, but i just got out of the rutine of it. It was fun going thru that old sketchbook, anyway, check'em out!

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Gerald said...

I agree with ya, I was out of it for awhile too...used a lot of Illustrator because that's what work wants, clean vector shaped illustrations.

I've been going back to quick watercolor sketches and now painting again. It's such a great feeling to unplug and go back to analog mode. hahaha.

Quick sketches do seem to be a lost art...but I found a great sketch group here in San Francisco back in March 2005:

We're setting up for Sketchcrawl # 7 in Feb....I think Feb 4 (tentative). I believe there's a SC group down there in LA. Might want to check it out if you have time. Should be fun!

Keep it up man. The animation looks great. Can't wait to see more development.