Sunday, October 23, 2005

My very first post, no way!

I never thought it'd happen, but it has. I'm finally online. I've contemplated for years doing a web-site, and have had the desire but never the time or knowledge. So anyhow, i am starting my own blog now cuz i was having so much fun keeping updated on all of my CalArts friends' blogs like Steven MaCleods and Elizabeth Ito's (i don't have her link handy yet). so anyway, no ones knows about this yet so i'm gonna take a shower and then come back and start uploading a few drawings and pics to keep everyone updated! cheers!


SMacLeod said...

Holy Smoly!!!! This is neat. I'm so excited to see your stuff on a more regular basis. You're awesome Matt.

Keivan said...

Dear Master..I really get shockked by your works !! Im going to read you blog from the first post to last one in following days... and there would be many of lessons for amatures like us..tnx for sharing your really deserve it.