Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Year

There's no way to say "happy New Year" quite like a pencil test! I was working on this a while ago, it's obviously not done and it's more complete than this test shows you, but check it out!


SMacLeod said...

That's so cool. Is there audio? You HAVE to finish!

Matt Williames said...

yeah there's audio but i forgot to add it. I know, i have to finish it. discipline!!! hey dude, come find me at CalArts on the 17th of January that's when i start teaching!

Aaron said...


That looks rockin' The Robin Hood movie is one of my favs. "A family that saves together, pays together."

Question: I would imagine you have your own light disc and set up at home. Can you offer up any models that make for good home use? I'm looking into them and it seems they can get quite expensive.....

Just need a little advice as far as size, functionality, flexibility, ease of use etc......

What do you use at home? How do you take the drawings and convert them to pencil tests? Do you do it the traditional way and photograph each frame?

Thanks in advance, and keep up the cool posts.....

Matt Williames said...

thanks aaron, i use an animation disc of course but i like to use the 16 field version. That way i can go back and forth from 12 to 16 more easily. animating 16 field on a 12 field disc is a pain in the boot-tay.
Check out cartoon colours website, they have some decently priced desks. They're minimal, but you don't need much to animate.
And for pencil tests i use digicel, also a VERY reasonably priced program. the have a web page too... i just use my scanner that has a peg bar taped to it. it works fine for rough tests, sometimes the registration gets a little goofy, but if you rescan it enough it should reallign. anyhow, thanks for leaving a post!

Brian said...

I love the robin hood test. i loved that movie when i was growing up! did you ever post a finished shot? i love watching rough animation. cleaned up drawings never have that certain quality.

Cuthbowski said...

I am week kneed with awe! You have really inspired me to strive for a better 'performance' in animation. I wish there was a CalArts in England...but then it would be called something entirely different...

Ken Roskos said...

Hello, I think I remember that Robin Hood test you had on youtube.

Any chance we'll see it again?
It was great, even unfinished.

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