Saturday, January 14, 2006

Updated pencil test

I wasn't able to figure out the HTML so i'll have to add it in a later post, but click on the title and it should take you to the animation.
I hope everybody enjoys the next stage of the process for me on this pencil test. I've been busy writting all week, so i thought on Friday I'd finish roughing out the end of this test shot. The end still needs cushion inbetweens, but otherwise i'm happy. The drop down from the swing is a little slower than i'd imagined it, but i think it works especially since he's not dropping from that high. Does anyone this I need to respace this for more snap in the landing?
Next step is adding the tail (the hard part!) and then laying down the graphite line, and then finishing it with doing a color test! should be fun to watch it's evolution.
Next week I'm gonna do a tutorial on how to animate walks, the pit falls, mechanics, and most importantly the character behind the walk. until then, have a great weekend!


Torben said...

I just came across your blog, and it's really great! I love the animal designs you've posted! Thanks for making all the great tutorials, it's very interesting stuff. Can't wait to read about the mechanics of walks. I am currently studying animation at The Animation Workshop in Denmark, and our current subject is walks :)

Mark Borok said...

This looks great, but I wish I could single-step through it. Nothing quite like examining an animation frame-by-frame.

Happy to have discovered your blog.

Matt Williames said...

thanks you guys! I look forward to preparing the tutorial as well. I learn so much from doing them as well, it solidfy's things and sometimes corrects improper things. Sorry you can't stop frame through this stuff, i haven't figured out how to post it so you can yet. if there is a way i'm more than willing to look into it!

didactyl said...

hey there,
really nice animation-gotta agree with you-bit more snap on the landing would make the end-glad to see others not totally abandoning the pencil
Cool Blog

Davipalooza said...


I think the timing of the drop looks good as is. It's more graceful and makes him look like he is in control. If it was snappier i think you would lose that.

As for posting video that can be stepped through. If you go to you can quickly set up a free account. Here you can post quicktime movies of your work and it will give you the html code to paste in your blog. Quicktime will allow you to step. If you have any troubles with that I'll email you more detailed instructions.

One more thing. You might be interested in a project me and 5 others have done. It is an hand drawn short that we completed (from concept to completion) in 24 straight hours. You can find a link to it on my blog. It's called Dance of the Seasons

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