Friday, January 06, 2006

Outta here for the weekend!

Welp everyone, or, the 3 people that read this everyday. pretty pathetic, i know. Anyway, i'm off for the weekend to Tehachapi with my wife. yeah man! we're gonna shoot some guns, ride the oddyssy (a dune buggy), and just plain have fun in the country!
I thought i'd share this new color model i just finished of the main character of the short. I'm trying to get a few of these done for pitching reasons. Note on both these i tried adding and outside source for texture, namely, a napkin! it was more successful on the alligator, you can see it on his skin. Now, what if that could stay consistent on the character and stretch and squash with him or even more subtley like when he moves his arm. I think that would be flippin' cool. This is kinda what i want the film to look like... maybe i'll work out some sort of system were i can matte the characters with a consistent texture. wouldn't that be sweet!? any thoughts? have a great weekend everyone!


Dr. Gordon said...

nice work!

How do you put animations on your blog, by the way...

why dont you apply your knowledge of drawing to the computer? Was curious george fun?


Matt Williames said...

Nice to see you on the site and thanks for the compliment! you know what i realized after i wrote on your site is that YOU are the guy Frank had told me about. I was thinking about applying to Pixar for a while, but i just really feel compelled to stick with hand drawn right now. I would just plain miss it too much... i love what you guys are doing, Incredibles had me in tears because of how beautiful it was. I just really want to see pixar quality film done in hand drawn again. anyway, sorry dude it's a sensitive spot in me!
If you click on the bottom right of the screens that say "you tube" it will show you how put your own avi's up on your site.
Curious George WAS fun, mainly cuz i got to work at home and they gave me a few nice shots. I'm not sure how it'll be as a finished film (the trailers are a little embarrasing). I dunno, we'll see. thanks for saying hi! Tell Matt Notle hi for me!